Medical Certificate Third Class

Just went out to get the mail, and a large envelope from the FAA is in the pile! It was either going to be yes or no, and it’s YES! Today of all days. Perfect timing.

The language is a bit confusing — “you are ineligible for medical certification under Title 14” … (I have asthma) … but read on … “I have determined that you may be granted an Authorization for special issuance of the enclosed third-class airman medical certificate” …

I now have in hand — from the USA Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration — my medical certificate third class and student pilot certificate. Airman’s signature required. Airman? Why, that would be me!

Of course, I prefer Aviatrix …

Happy landings!



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2 responses to “Medical Certificate Third Class

  1. Congrats! One step closer! Now the easy part, the flight lessons! (yes, I truly mean easier than dealing with the FAA!) 🙂

  2. “Aviatrix”! I love it.

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