Thrilled that the Little Plane was back in service (Captain Glickman melted a few cables my accident), I took to the sky in the left seat of the N7292J for a short flight to KGFL for lunch on Sunday, January 2.

Captain Glickman picked me up at 5B2 and got to meet Dale, my instructor, and my baby – the N9883G. After chatting for a bit, we headed out to runway 23 for takeoff. Let Captain Glickman have the radio – I wasn’t sure about landing and managing the radio, but I’ll get there.

It was great to handle the N7292J again. Much smaller than the 172, and easier on the ground. Got her out to the runway, did the runup, and took off (yes, still in too much of a climb), and headed up to KGFL. Was great to have her up in the sky, great to navigate to somewhere.

Very short flight and then into the pattern for landing. Downwind, base and final ok, but getting in close to the ground, I needed the Captain to take over. Very different feeling from the high-wing. Wow. But I want to learn to land them both, and I hope I can have more landing practice in the N7282J.

Thrilled upon arrival to see the Glastar that I flew in October with Doug Sterling parked at the FBO, and so we joined Doug and Tim Cowper for lunch. I had met Captain Sterling at an EAA chapter 602 meeting and he took me up for a ride. That was my first flight ever in the left seat. Love the man. It was great to meet Captain Cowper, and great to share lunch with the guys. Even better was introducing Captain Glickman to these folks. Great time!

Flying in formation

Flying home the pilots agreed to fly in formation, so I was back in the right seat. This was amazing. Three planes (one Glastar and two Cherokee 140s) in formation. Watching Captain Glickman flying like this was wonderful. That was until he let the other two pilots know he was going to “peel off”, and then did just that. Without warning me that we would be, in fact, upside down in the process. It was a gorgeous maneuver and apparently we do have it on film from Captain Cowper (we’ve yet to see it), but I was not ready for it and it caught me off guard. Yes, there was swearing involved on my part.

Captain Sterling headed home in the Glastar and we had a gorgeous re-grouping with Captain Cowper, who flew off in his own maneuver, and we flew back in tandem to 5B2. These are wonderful folks, and I love flying with them. And learning from them!

The N7292J

Back at 5B2, the sky was glorious, and I managed to capture the N7292J in all of her glory. The Little Plane happy to be back in service, and happy to have time back in the sky. And I think happy to have me on board!

Back on the ground, we pick up Shawn Banner for his first ride in the N7292J, and his first ride in a small plane. The sunset was glorious, the lake was so beautiful, and Captain Glickman made the most glorious low pass over the lake (watch the video). Perfect way to end a fantastic day of flying and sharing.

Time to head home and get ready for the week. Flat tire on the car, and handy Captain changed the tire for me (instant pit crew). Sitting in the warmed up car next to the N7292J joking about being special because we’re pilots. You know what? It is so very special to me. Goodnight, Little Plane. Goodnight, Captain Glickman. Safe flight back to 5B7.

It’s OK that I didn’t land the N7292J that day. I did what I could, and am pleased that I know what I can’t do. And I’m always very happy when I get to co-pilot the Little Plane.

Happy landings!


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  1. Augie Mackenzie

    wait till you fly a Sopwith Camel…..shooting those twin Vickers and knocking down one of the Kaisers plane…..

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