Stalling … again!

The last time I had a lesson was 2/15. That was a very long time ago. Yeah.

Well, on the 15th of February I went up in the N64281 with Steve Davies out of SCH, for an early evening lesson on stalling. I’ve been through the stalls before, so nothing was shocking and I think I recovered very well. Along with the stall lesson, I got to have my very first instrument-only lesson while wearing foggles.

I love foggles. It makes it much easier to concentrate on the instruments, which I just concentrate on a bit too much anyway. I’d like to think that I did a great job that day. I know I did.

There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground, and I do remember NOT taxiing, although I did take off. Makes me happy when Steve says “seems like you’ve done this before”, because of course, he knows, I’ve done this before.

Had a great lesson that day. Felt really good about the way Steve was instructing. Very different. Very methodical. Exactly what I needed.

Still had some unfamiliarity with the N64281, but seemed like he likes me (the plane), and I remember it being so very cold and windy that day and just not being happy doing that pre-flight in the wind and cold. But, nothing stands out in my mind as “off”, so it must have been a good lesson. I do remember that the winds were too strong for me to take the landing. But that’s OK. There’s more to come!

Happy landings!


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