5B2:NY1:MVY and Back Home Again!

Pancake breakfast at NY1

What a weekend!

First, we had pancake breakfast with the Northeast Pilots Group at NY1. I flew the N7292J there (from the right seat), but Captain Glickman had to take over when we got close to the airport. No tower and a TON of traffic made me very nervous. That, and the grass strip.

Beautiful landing, of course, by Captain Glickman, and then a fantastic show of 2 vintage warbirds taking off one right after the next – and one with smoke ON! Gorgeous!

Had a lovely breakfast and had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite pilots, including Captain Taber, Roger and his family from my EAA602 chapter, and Barbara (who has a Lake!) from my 99s chapter. Poking around the planes lined up on the grass, I fell in love with the Piper Tri Pacer. It just looked like the perfect plane for me. Suddenly I could see myself in this plane. Yes, my kid is starting college in September, and I’m thinking about buying myself a plane. Oh, dear.

After much contemplation, I decided that I would fly left seat in the N7292J on our flight to Martha’s Vineyard (our little weekend getaway), and I climbed in. Ready to go. My very first soft field taxi, and very first soft field take-off! It’s a shame that Captain Glickman is not a CFI, because he’s the best instructor that I’ve had. It was great fun taking off from the field, and although I didn’t do a perfect takeoff (I didn’t fly level long enough), I got us up and out, and know exactly what to do next time!

Martha's Vineyard

Wonderful flight to MVY, and glorious views. I held altitude most of the time, and the Captain was confident in my flying abilities. Made me feel good. I didn’t work the radio at all (he needs to get that button fixed!), and I still need to do that at some point on one of our trips. Soon.

When it came time to land, he had to help me out. Bit of a crosswind, and I just don’t have enough experience landing the Cherokee. It doesn’t get to the ground the same way as the C172. But I should know that by now and compensate. I will. I’ll get there!

Me and Captain Glickman on the swing at Alley's

Gorgeous weekend on the island, and just what I needed. A rest away from home. We spent a bit too much time in the sun on Sunday, and flew home a bit like lobsters, but home all the same. I flew right seat on the way home, but Captain Glickman told me I was landing the plane. Same issues as before, and not flaring at the right time. He had to come to my rescue and rescue his little plane. Thank you, Captain. I’ll get there.

I need an hour of instruction in the pattern with the N7292J, and Captain Glickman. And I need a ton of aloe for this sunburn.

All in all, a glorious weekend of flying in the Little Plane. Even if she’s not a Tri Pacer …

Happy landings!


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  1. You’ve made such amazing progress, Mothership! I’ve been lurking on your blog along the whole journey, and each post is more impressive than the next. Keep kicking ass!

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