Requesting the Option: SCH

The N55422 on the ground at SCH

On Friday, June 3rd, I took to the sky with Captain Davies out of SCH to practice takeoffs and landings. Winds gusting to 23 knots or so, I was still going up and getting instruction and landing, landing, landing!

It was a beautiful day, although windy, and I completed my pre-flight, got the plane fueled up, and got into my baby with a little bit of confidence. Yes. Back in the left seat. A good day.

Taxied her out and did the runup, and was feeling good. Lined up on the runway (after holding for two planes coming in), and ready to go. Still a bit uncomfortable on the radio, but I’m getting better.

Nice takeoff, and right (well, left actually) into the pattern. Around and land, around and land, around and land. Yeah. Very gusty, and Captain Davies helped me out a few times setting up for a few good slips into landing. Getting a feel for the right speeds, the right pitch, the right time to flare on the landing.

N55422 on final requesting the option. Taking the option and taking to the skies again! At one point we switched runways (the wind was variable) and came in right pattern to runway 4. At that point, my tummy was doing too many flips from being bounced around – a bit of wind shear – and I called it a day. 7 takeoffs and 7 landings.

Using MyFightBook on my iPhone, I managed to track my flight and upload it here. Something funky happened and it didn’t capture all 7 landings, but I could see my pattern work (and laugh at how off I was).

As we were going over the flight back in the office, Captain Davies noted that we had successfully completed the “aviation decision making” check box, as we made the decision not to solo on a day that was that windy. WHAT? I was going to SOLO? Are you kidding me?

Apparently it is time. I don’t know when exactly, but sometime soon is my guess. I completed the pre-solo written exam last month, so I suppose it’s inevitable, right?

I’m not sure I’m ready. Worried about the radio more than anything else. But I think I can bring that bird back down to the ground safely. I think I can.

Captain Davies told me to bring that shirt with me from now on. You know what that means …

Happy landings!


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