10 Takeoffs, 10 Landings

Yes, it’s always good when the number of takeoffs equal the number of landings.

On Tuesday, June 7th, I logged 1.1 hours and 10 takeoffs and landings. Over and over again. In the pattern, getting used to every checklist, every maneuver, and trying to manage the crosswind. I was extremely nervous that Tuesday was going to be the big day (that solo was right around the corner), and the wind just wasn’t in my favor.

I was grateful for that wind. I needed the lesson to land over and over and over again. Needed to learn to handle everything at once – heading, altitude, airspeed, other traffic, radio, pitch, carb heat, flaps, descent rate. After 10 times I felt like maybe I was ready to solo now.

As I was heading out to my car after that lesson, I phoned Captain Glickman to let him know how the lesson was. Unbeknownst to me, he was at the airport watching the entire time! Thinking that it might have been the big day, he showed up and tucked the Little Plane off to the side so I wouldn’t know he was there. Surprising me by my car after my lesson, he let me know that he had watched everything, and listened in on his hand-held radio. It was so nice to know that he was as excited about the possibility as I was, and that he was there to support me.

From that moment on, every dream I had I was flying by myself in the N55422. Taking off and flying to wherever I wanted to go. Every leg of the pattern was replayed over, and over again in my dreams. Every setting, everything. It’s like I had the plane right there with me every night.

I know that athletes play their sports in their dreams and hone their skills. I was honing mine for sure!

Happy landings!


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  1. &**> Real nice report, Phylise.
    Happy landings!

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