Island Hopping

Cape Cod, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island. That’s what we’ve been up to this Summer!

Lots of flying in the Little Plane with Captain Glickman. What I’ve learned? With all of this island hopping, it’s really important to know where that life vest is. I’m thrilled that Captain Glickman is very safety conscious – and as soon as we near the water, he makes sure that the life vests are nearby.

Cape Cod

It as been a beautiful Summer of flying, and on every journey I learn something. We’ve been using the MyFlightBook app on the iPhone to track our flights, and I’ve been able to see where I’ve deviated from our course. Learning to stay on course has been one of the most fun parts of flying. I’ve been able to “fly” for a while now — it’s landing the plane that’s the hard part!

Captain Glickman is a stickler with the instruments — stay on course, stay at altitude, stay level. I must say that it’s good practice, and I’m so lucky to have all of this extra time (even if I can’t log it) flying.

Flying over the water has been an interesting learning experience. As the weather has varied, I’ve been able to see the difference in the difficulty in keeping wings level out over the open water. Flying where JFK Jr went down, it was easy to see how he ended up going down. Yes, it makes me want to get my IFR certification when the time comes.

The Lighthouse at Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard

One highlight of the recent island hopping was flying left seat from 5B2 to KALB, handling the radio for the first time in the Little Plane, and flying into Class C airspace and landing at Albany INTERNATIONAL Airport! Once we landed on the runway, the tower remarked “no delay”, which Captain Glickman had to reiterate so that I’d taxi faster and get us off the active runway. Yes, that was a commercial jet coming in behind us!

With all of these journeys, I become more comfortable with longer flights, and staying level and on course. I’ve also taken advantage of the time to hone my pilotage skills. Using the charts and following along with the landscape below. That’s going to become extremely important in the next month, as I’m going to have to start leaving the pattern, and flying solo cross countries. I want to be the kind of pilot that can rely on pilotage, not just a GPS. I want to be as safe and aware as I possibly can be.

Captain Glickman and the N7292J at Katama Beach, MV

I am so lucky to have a magnificent mentor, who has taken the time to teach me so many things. Even when it’s just because we’re flying to Block Island for dinner. Yes, I finally made it to Block Island.

Thank you, Captain Glickman, for teaching me something new every time we take a trip in the N729J! I can’t think of a better way to spend my Summer! Maybe next Summer I can island hop in my own plane? Maybe even a splash and dash? Yes!

Happy landings!


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  1. You guys are having such a great summer! That’s an awesome photo of Joel on the wing. 🙂

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